Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Meraki Adds NAC to Cloud-Managed Offerings

Meraki is upping the security profile of its cloud-managed networking gear with the support of NAC features and a 900 Mb/s access wireless access point.

Juniper Stratus Debuts as QFabric

New networking fabric debuts after three years and $100 million investment. Will it transform data centers?

Carrier Router and Switching Market Worth $12.8 billion

Analyst data shows growth in server provider IP routing/switching as market share shifts start to occur.

Avaya Supports Net Virtualization With 802.1aq Support

By implementing the latest 802.1aq spec, Avaya says it's bringing flatter, virtualization-friendly to large networks.

Alcatel-Lucent Expands IP Address and DNS Management

New VitalQIP appliance delivers more power for IP and DNS management as IPv6 and DNSSEC adoption loom.

Cisco Says SecureX WIll Provide Context-Aware Security

Cisco is using the RSA conference to roll out a new security framework that brings the company's TrustSec to firewalls and brings more awareness of security to all parts of the network.

Cisco Talks Mobile Video and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

Cisco says the demand for mobile video is rising, so it's placing itself in the path of the flood with a new video delivery solution and "Carrier Grade Wi-Fi" technology that leverages the 802.11u specification.

Juniper Targets Developers With Junos Space SDK

New software development kit promises to bring the world of Web 2.0 mashups to network admins.

Is Cisco's Switching Business in Trouble?

Cisco’s second quarter fiscal 2011 earnings show a decline in revenue from its switching products, though CEO John Chambers argues the future is bright.

Riverbed Accelerates Network Visibility

New RiOS 6.5 and Cascade 9.0 releases deliver new WAN optimization and quality of service tech.

The IPv6 Transition: How Much Will It Cost?

With IPv4 addresses finally depleted, what will it cost to move to IPv6? The answer depends on how you look at the problem.

IPv4 Officially Depleted, Eyes on IPv6

Historic day as official ceremony marks the end of the free pool of IPv4 addresses.

Puppet Goes After Enterprise System Management

Open source IT systems management platform addresses technical and legal questions with new enterprise release.

Last of the IPv4 Addresses Allocated

The end of the free pool of IPv4 addresses is here thanks to an allocation made to APNIC. What happened? What does it mean? And what's next?

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