Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Alcatel-Lucent Pushes to 400 Gigabits Per Second

New FP3 chip delivers up to 400 gigs, paving the way for the next generation of networking transport.

Zenoss Expands Network Service Monitoring

Service Dynamics looks at service impact management across physical, virtual and hybrid network deployments.

ICANN Approves Generic Top Level Domains

After years of debate, ICANN opens up the Internet domain name system. Is it a good move?

Varnish Cache Gets More Polish in 3.0

Open Source Caching networking server tech used by Facebook and Twitter gets a major update including new modularity and streaming tech.

Strangeloop Brings Google SPDY to Site Optimizer

Web optimization vendor embraces Google SPDY protocol, but it's not for everyone and only works if you're using Chrome.

Riverbed Advances Open Source Network Analysis with Wireshark

Why is Riverbed keeping Wireshark open source and what does the future hold for open source tools at the networking vendor? -

Silver Peak Bulks Up on WAN Optimization

New appliance delivers 2.5 Gbps of WAN optimization.

World IPv6 Day Traffic Spikes IPv6 Use by 50 Percent

World IPv6 day leads to a jump in IPv6 use, but it's still only a very small percentage of the Internet.

Cisco nV Virtualizes ASR Router Management

New ASR routers provide 92TB of capacity and enables providers to manager 1900 routers as one

World IPv6 Day Kicks Off

Over 300 websites set to participate in event that will be the first big mainstream test flight of IPv6.

Juniper Preps for IPv6 Day

As World IPv6 Day approaches, Juniper Networks details its preparations for its own site with new cloud translation technology.

Alcatel-Lucent Debuts AppGlide

Networking vendor debuts new service for measuring the Quality of Experience of online video.

HP Sells Visual Collaboration Biz for $89 Million

Polycom set to acquire HP's video conferencing business unit as competition with Cisco heats up.

Global IP Traffic to hit 966 Exabytes by 2015

New Cisco study forecasts a quadrupling in Internet IP traffic demand over the next four years.

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