Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Verizon Terremark Expands Cloud Footprint

Managed hosting vendor Terremark continues to build out its data center network to meet the ever expanding enterprise demand for cloud services both here, in Europe and, most notably, in Brazil.

Cisco: Internet Traffic to Hit 1.3 Zettabytes

Internet traffic is set to explode to over a trillion gigabytes over the next five years according to the latest Visual Networking Index (VNI) data from Cisco. Traffic growth is fuelled by more devices and more video.

10 GbE and Wi-Fi Growing Fast Year over Year

The gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch market grew to $5.1 billion in the first quarter of 2012 with 10GbE clearly in the driver's seat. Wireless WLAN sales continue to impress but carrier spending on Ethernet is basically flat.

Brocade Accelerates SDN to 100Gbps

You don't have to go OpenFlow or nothing anymore as Brocade debuts a new hybrid approach that allows for selective use of OpenFlow alongside existing routers.

Alcatel-Lucent Aims at Core Routing

Alcatel-Lucent's new 32 terabit per second new core router can handle 160 ports of 100 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) as Alcatel-Lucent aims to take share from Cisco and Juniper.

The OpenFlow Revolution is a Big Switch

Co-founder of networking startup Big Switch Networks explains what his company is doing with software defined networking (SDN) and open source makes working their offering more interoperable and easy to integrate.

Juniper Advances Junosphere for Network Testing

You don't need your own lab to test and build an software defined networking (SDN) deployment anymore.

OpenFlow Protocol 1.3.0 Approved

OpenFlow 1.3.0 provides a stable base for the next generation of software defined networking, IPv6, backbone tunneling, and QoS.

BYOD Now the Norm for Enterprise IT

Cisco study finds most companies are adopting BYOD and that it yields positive benefits so long as a security and deployment challenges can be solved.

OpenFlow Can Provide Security, Too

Indiana University's chief network architect explains how he uses OpenFlow to secure, load balance, and begin to exert some sort of unified control over a 120,000-person user network.

VMware Wants to be Your New SDN

VMware doesn't just want your servers virtualized, they want software define your network but they are taking a different approach than Cisco, HP and others that have embraced OpenFlow.

HP Delivers on Virtual Application Networking

HP's networking chief want to see the command line interface for networking gear go away. To that end, the company is rolling out virtual application networking module for its Intelligent Management Center.

Cisco Warns of Conservative IT Spending

Cisco grow revenues but the outlook for more of the same will be challenging as macroeconomic concerns take hold.

Will TRILL or Shortest Path Bridging Win Out?

TRILL and shortest path bridging or SPB are emerging as challengers to spanning tree and none too soon for networking engineers wrestling cloud deployments into submission.

IDC: SDN a $2 Billion Market by 2016

From just under $200 million in 2013 to $2 billion in 2016, software defined networking (SDN) is set to grow fast.

Avaya: Evolve or Get Beat Up

Avaya general manager details a path for 'cloud-easy.' Hint: It's about faster networks, identities, and focusing on apps and devices.

F5 Leveraging Google's SPDY Protocol

F5 is taking Google's SPDY protocol beyond browsers to enable faster Web connections regardless of end-point compatibility.

Cisco Survey: Unicorns More Likely than Cloud

Everyone is talking about 'The Cloud' but fewer people than you might think have actually adopted it or are willing to take on the migration.

WildPackets Peeks at IPv6

With dual-stack and tunneled deployment, getting visibility into IPv6 isn't easy but WildPackets changes all that -- at least on sub-40G networks.

Alcatel-Lucent Goes 40G End to End

Alcatel-Lucent bets on shortest path bridging (SPB). Believes most vendors will eventually agree. Alcatel-Lucent , Avaya, Brocade and Cisco back TRILL.

Interop: Networking Goes Virtual and Mobile

The new general manager of Interop aims for more community involvement as network virtualization, BYOD and software defined networking (SDN) take center stage in Sin City.

Riverbed and VMware Accelerate Virtual Traffic

Riverbed and VMware have teamed up to optimize virtual machine traffic between dispersed data centers.

Juniper Expands BYOD with New Hardware

Network access control isn't the same as BYOD, or is it? Juniper's vision of policy enforcement across its hardware adds up to the same thing.

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