Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Cisco Reveals Software Defined Networking Strategy

New Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) will abstract all of the networking vendor's hardware operating system providing a programmable network.

Cisco Debuts Cloud Connected Solutions

CSR 1000v, AppNav, and wide area application services WAN acceleration tech all work toegther to deliver an easier on-ramp to the cloud.

IPv6 Launch Day Business as Usual

'Nothing to see here folks ... ' There's no cause for concern as thousand of sites leave IPv6 access turned on and the slow shift to 128-bit addressing takes root. Asia's on board but U.S. enterprises are on the slow boat.

Cisco Advances Mobile Packet Core with ASR 5500

Cisco's Starent based-tech gets a major refresh as wireless bandwidth demand continues to grow. The ASR 5500 expands the ASR 5000 router family for small, medium and large wireless deployments.

IPv6 & IPv4 Will Co-Exist for a Long Time

As World IPv6 Day nears, IPv4 traffic continues to dominate and will for some time since IPv6 and IPv4 can co-exist just fine on the same lines, according to DNS registrar VeriSign.

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