Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Interference-Free WLAN Delivers Robust Mobile Telephony

Total centralized control allows Extricom to defy the known laws of wireless LAN operation.

VoWiFi Test Suite Launched

Software allows quick setup of repeatable testing schema that let techs determine the readiness of real-world IP data networks to support voice.

Belkin, NetFabric Partner with VoIP Equipment/Service Bundle

Call-control equipment from NetFabric is now married to Belkin's callEverywhere business VoIP package, creating a cost-saving, feature-rich, and easy-to-implement solution for SMEs.

Video Phone Rides VoIP Wave

High fidelity, full-color, multimedia phone coming soon to a VoIP service provider near you.

Toshiba Deploys One-Stop VoIP Solution

Facing the task of converging voice and data over IP, many organizations will be strongly attracted to a single-source solution that reduces hassle and uncertainty to a minimum. Toshiba can provide.

Business VoWiFi Service Launches in UK

Two Irish firms join forces to bring low-cost mobile calling services to corporate customers, based on unique, intelligent call routing technology.

VoIP Migration Route: Kick the PBX Habit

Equipment from Connecticut-based NetFabric lets SMEs adapt their legacy phone systems to enable VoIP service without sacrificing features, then—when they're ready—leave the legacy behind.

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