Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Calypso Phone, Service One Step Closer

Florida-based telecom technology company announces availability of dual-mode phone, field trials with carrier.

VoFi Gets a Boost

New technology from Meru Networks addresses call quality issues for voice over wireless IP networks.

10,000-Seat wVoIP Deployment in Japan

Meru Networks today announced a deal to build a network that will bring wireless voice and data to Osaka Gas's 50 offices.

PhoneGnome Gives Best of Both TeleWorlds

Little blue box adds VoIP capability to PSTN service and provides lots of cool, VoIP-ish features.

Mobile VoIP: What's In a Name?

Anybody who knows anything about VoIP knows that it's a cost-saving alternative to traditional wireline telephony. It's not something you do with a cell phone . . . or is it?

Skype, Boingo Join Forces for wVoIP

Phone-in conference announces partnership to bring Wi-Fi-based telephony service to Boingo hotspots.

NYC Gets E9-1-1 for VoIP

Telecommunications solution provider Intrado launches VoIP E9-1-1 service in the Big Apple.

GPS Lends a Hand in E9-1-1 Solution

Massachusetts CLEC and telecom wholesaler announces impending release of technology that will bring VoIP providers into full 9-1-1 compliance.

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