Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Cisco Partners to Support Voice-Ready Wi-Fi

Intel, Nokia, and RIM will implement new voice-centric features of updated Cisco Compatible Extensions.

Bridging Disassociated Domains

Vancouver startup aims to use VoIP/IM to connect and extend online and mobile phone worlds.

F/MC Watch: An Enterprise-Centric Solution

DiVitas places control of converged cellular/Wi-Fi service in the enterprise wiring closet, not in the mobile provider's network.

F/MC Watch: VoIP Fallout from CTIA

At last week's Las Vegas conclave, pieces of the cellular/IP network convergence puzzle were coming together faster than ever.

RNKVoIP Now Boasts DIDs in 35 Offshore Countries

Virtual inbound phone numbers are in increasing demand as VoIP takes hold worldwide.

Skype 'Solutions' Proliferate

This week brought at least three additions to the rapidly growing group of appliances designed to make Skype calling easier, more flexible, etc.

MindSpring Gets a New Voice

EarthLink's beta PC/VoIP client is officially launched, bearing a resurrected brand name that Internet veterans will remember with nostalgia.

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