Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Gizmo Project Meets Asterisk

SIPphone releases version 2.0 of its softphone, which now can log into the open-source IP PBX as well as its native network.

Softphones Reviewed: Gizmo Project

This robust, second-generation softphone reflects an open-source outlook and provides a rich feature set.

New Internet Communications Domain Approved

.Tel domain will support Internet-based communication activity of all kinds.

Softphones Reviewed: Skype

If you've heard about any free, peer-to-peer Internet telephony service, chances are it's Skype. It doesn't have every feature known to mankind, but it's got enough!

Provider Profile: GlobalTouch Telecom

This young, facilities-based carrier leverages its custom-built core technology to offer VoIP service to retail customers and resellers alike.

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