Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Grown-Up VoIP for the Fortune 500,000

New firm seeks to bring voice solutions—and true customer satisfaction—to SMBs.

BT Introduces New Softphone from CounterPath

The UK telco adds free softphone-to-softphone VoIP calling to its Total Broadband service plans.

Microsoft Mounts Massive Communications Program

New roadmap/vision for unified communications features a bevy of partnerships and strategic alliances, new, improved MSFT software.

VoIP Supports POTUS at USMMA

'Instant' phone bank put in place for press at Bush commencement speech.

Zultys Refreshes IP PBX Software

Version 3.0 brings features to please IT managers, system integrators, and Internet telephony service providers.

Softphones Reviewed: NetZero Voice

This is a feature-rich communications application that, among other virtues, brings VoIP to people with dial-up Internet connections.

Hybrid Voice Management Firm Wins Funding

SyncVoice, pioneer of management systems for mixed TDM/VoIP communications networks, scores venture dollars.

Full-Service VoIP

Business/residential VoIP vendor adds fax, videophone to its offerings.

FirstHand Mobilizes the Enterprise

The company formerly known as SIPquest announces a new name, new funding, a new partner, and a new addition to its product line.

CounterPath Retools X-Lite Softphone

Updated free phone application will now have its own developer community.

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