Articles by Ted Stevenson 

VoIP Quality Is Getting Worse . . . Er, Better

Recent reports from two vendors of service quality monitoring systems can't quite decide whether VoIP is improving or going to dogs.

USR Cordless Skype Phone

Updated: More and more vendors are figuring out ways to cut the umbilical cord between Skype and your PC. USRobotics just joined the crowd.

Video Telephony has Arrived�Really!

The Ojo phone from WorldGate delivers on quality where others have failed.

Provider Profile: Internap

Internet Pony Express: Making sure the (voice) packets get through.

Provider Profile: Bandwidth.com

Although its name suggests otherwise, this company offers a full range of VoIP and other network services.

Evolution Brings PBX Features to Small Business

Affordable Asterisk implementation makes sophisticated one-stop phone shop.

Globe7 Launches Softphone with a Difference

Beta 3.0 of new voice/video vehicle has aggressive, ad-supported business model.

New Video Softphone Service from 8x8

Free, downloadable "Softalk" will help popularize video calling, company hopes.

VoIP Boosting Carriers' Bottom Lines

New Infonetics study finds increased deployment of packet voice networks among traditional phone providers.

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