Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Vo-Fi Watch: Ready When You Are

The kinks have been worked out of Voice over Wi-Fi; but when will business adopt it?

Vonage Dodges Bullet

Appeals Court grants permanent stay of U.S. District Court injunction banning customer acquisition.

Free VoIP Calls for Nokia S60 Owners

WiFiMobile launches new service for Symbian-based dual-mode smartphones.

FirstHand's Smart, Behind-the-Scenes Technology

Software from an important VoIP company you've probably never heard of powers solutions from the giants.

M/MC Watch: An Enterprise-Centric Solution

DiVitas Networks offers a convergence platform that quickly pays for itself in cost savings and productivity increases.

F/MC Watch: MobileSTICK a Silver Lining for Mobile Operators

BridgePort's portable VoIP device will give mobile operators a presence on the Internet. That's a big deal.

Cisco Targets SMB Communications Market

Smart Business Communications System to bring big company communications to small companies.

IPcelerate Launches Turnkey CommsApps for Small Business

Firms without IT staff can now reap benefits of VoIP applications tailored to their own business processes.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 17: XConnect ENUM Exchange

Xconnect has a worldwide peering presence, and offers innovative federation services to hundreds of carrier customers.

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