Articles by Ted Stevenson 

Vocalocity launches telephony/app integrations for Desktop

The developer toolkit announced last March bears its first fruits with a set of CRM plug-ins.

Telcentris takes on new white-label VoIP services customer

Arizona ISP, DataMax, is ramping up to bring up-to-date IP telecommunications services to rural residents and businesses.

Siemens enriches OpenScape UC suite with desktop video

Low-cost, easy-to-use, on-demand video joins the core mix of Siemens' IP telecommunications modes.

A VoIP provider for all seasons

Hybrid technology lets Star2Star offer cheaper, faster, more reliable service—and scale up to enterprise size.

Neutral Tandem: Helping to grow the HD cloud

This major global provider of IP interconnection services offers end-to-end wideband voice support to all its customers.

Hosted VoIP meets SMS

NY-based M5 Networks brings texting out of the personal cell phone world and into its managed IP communications suite.

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