Articles by Roy Mark 

Bells Freed From 'Naked' DSL

The FCC decision pre-empts efforts by states to force regional carriers to offer 'naked' DSL.

Texas Sues Vonage for Deceptive Trade Practices

Lawsuit contends VoIP provider misrepresents the type of emergency 911 service it provides.

Level 3 Drops VoIP Rate Request

The VoIP wholesaler withdraws petition seeking FCC ruling on interconnection fees.

FCC Faces Tuesday Deadline For VoIP Ruling

Interconnection fees between IP voice traffic and Bells' last mile copper networks at source of dispute.

VoIP: Almost a Killer App

As Internet telephony spreads, weaknesses in 911 availability become painfully obvious.

It's Degrading: VoIP Firms Urge More FCC Action

Vonage and Nuvio say port blocking is easy to prove, but allege that telecoms and cable companies are also degrading VoIP signals.

FCC Slaps Fine on VoIP-blocking Telecom

North Carolina company agrees to pay $15,000 and promises to drop port-blocking practices.

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