Articles by Roy Mark 

FCC Extends VoIP E911 Notice Deadline

Providers now have until end of September to collect customer acknowledgements of emergency calling limitations.

Early Adopters, Late Acknowledgers

VoIP providers faced with cutting off service to customers who refuse to respond to E911 warnings.

IP E911: Better Plan Than FCC's?

VoIP providers are trying to stay out of a 20th-century hole.

VoIP Provider Challenges E911 Mandate

Nuvio says the FCC knew Internet telephony companies couldn't overcome technological challenges before deadline.

Wiretaps For VoIP

The FCC gives broadband and VoIP providers 18 months to build in network wiretap accessibility.

VoIP Providers Targeted in Rural Broadband Fund

New bill seeks to make all two-way voice services contribute to fund financing rural broadband rollout.

Pulver Counsel Pans Telecom Reform Bill

Attorney for VoIP outfit fears sweeping telecom reform will only add to IP services rules and regulations.

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