Articles by Roy Mark 

Vonage Markets on Despite FCC E911 Order

The VoIP provider will continue offering service to new customers while it seeks a waiver of Nov. 28 deadline.

Lawmakers Float New Fees on VoIP

Under draft plan, contribution base of universal service fund would include VoIP providers.

Court: VoIP E911 Deadline Stands

A federal appeals court rejects request to delay FCC deadline.

Will VoIP Ante up For USF Dues?

Lawmakers hope a new plan would expand payment obligations to VoIP providers and cable companies offering Internet telephone services.

VoIP Off The E911 Hook -- Sort Of

The FCC will allow current customers to maintain service but E911 is required for new customers.

Congress, VoIPs Move to Delay E911

VoIP industry goes to court while lawmakers move to delay a Nov. 28 deadline for E911 compliance.

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