Articles by Carla Schroder 

Enjoy Fast Network Backups & Restores With Amanda, Part 2

Last week Carla Schroder introduced Amanda, a fast and stable network-based backup tool. This week she examines the basics of installation, configuration, and maintenance of this powerful tool.

Backup Over the Net With Amanda

Amanda manages backups for your UNIX systems over the network with speed and reliability to spare. Carla Schroder takes a two part look at a backup suite that doesn't need a babysitter.

Audit Your LAN Before the Bad Guys Do with nmap

nmap gives you the chance to 'audit your network before the bad guys do.' Carla Schroder examines the best network exploration tool and security scanner you'll ever use.

Use Snort for Lightweight Intrusion Detection

If you need a lightweight intrustion detector for smaller networks, Snort runs under UNIX/Linux or Windows, packs a punch, and takes just minutes to install.

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