Articles by Carla Schroder 

Go Beyond Ping and Traceroute With Cable Testing

We're all familiar with the sort of network faults caused by misconfiguration or complexity, but sometimes the culprit's in the cable. Build a low-cost cable testing kit with Carla Schroder.

Kiss Your BIND Good-bye: In-Depth Configuration with Tinydns

Tinydns is a scalable and secure BIND replacement for everything from home user DNS caching to large-scale enterprise networks. In Part 2 of our look at Tinydns, Carla Schroder goes in-depth on configuration.

Tinydns: Kiss Your BIND Good-bye

If you're feeling bedeviled by BIND and nagged by named, Tinydns is a scalable and secure replacement for everything from home user DNS cacheing to large-scale enterprise networks.

Lash Macs to Your Network With Netatalk

OS X will cure a lot of Apple's traditional interoperability woes, but adoption is still at less than 20%, and many network admins are faced with fleets of older Mac desktops. netatalk running under Linux or UNIX can cure some of the heartache and bring those Macs into the fold.

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