Articles by Carla Schroder 

Remote Control for Everybody: VNC Crosses Networks and Platforms

If you need a remote control package that manages multiple platforms with drop-in simplicity, Virtual Network Computing may be for you. Carla Schroder explains. (Since we ran this story, VNC found a new home and development sponsor... details inside. -ed.)

SuSE eMail Server: Best of Show?

Give SuSE's Linux-based eMail Server fifteen minutes, and it will give you a full-featured mail and group calendaring setup with a Web front end that 'just works' for under $1000 and no per-seat licensing. Carla Schroder reports.

400 Pieces and Counting With Cross-Platform Net Tester lcrzoex

If you like those big toolsets from Sears that contain hundreds of pieces -- and what's not to like, more equals better, right? -- you'll love lcrzoex, the 400+ piece network testing toolbox. The author calls it 'Swiss Knife For Network Developers.'

Bridge Windows and UNIX Networks With Andrew

The OpenAFS network filesystem runs on UNIX and Windows machines and provides a way to share files that won't have you digging around in /etc/fstab or mapping herds of drive letters.

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