Articles by Carla Schroder 

Who's Got Root? Installing and Configuring Tripwire

Got Root? Does someone else? Tripwire is a great tool for finding out what goes on within your network. In this article, Carla Schroder explains how to install and configure Tripwire.

Who's Got Root? Find Out With Tripwire

Got Root? Does someone else? You spend a lot of time securing your systems, but how do you know if they've been compromised? Tripwire can tell you. Carla Schroder explains.

Security: Batten Down the Hatches and Troll for Gotchas

Between telnet and Google, there's a lot you can learn about just how secure your organization's systems are. Carla Schroder covers some obscure gotchas you might want to fix, or at least show to your boss.

Daemons Running Amok? Daemontools to the Rescue!

If you're always chasing daemons, daemontools might be the butterfly net you need to consolidate your services under a single, cross-platform management interface.

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