Articles by Carla Schroder 

Realtime Black-hole Lists: Heroic Spam Fighters or Crazed Vigilantes?

In the continually escalating and increasingly frustrating battle against spam, email administrators are resorting to increasingly draconian measures. Carla Schroder reports on one such measure, the use of Realtime Black-hole Lists (RBLs) to head off spam before it ever reaches your mailserver.

Sysadmin Tales of Terror

The biggest challenge a system administrator ever faces is inheriting a networking mess: taking on a new job, or a new client, with a computing infrastructure that has grown without rhyme or reason. What's the hardworking sysadmin to do in this situation?

SuSE OpenExchange: More Than a Mere Mail Server

Until recently, there haven't been many viable choices for groupware, especially for mid-sized offices reluctant to run expensive servers. OpenExchange from SuSE bucks that trend and merits nomination as bargain of the year in the groupware field.

Preventing Vexation and Woe: DNS Fundamentals, Part 2

DNS makes the Internet world go 'round. Carla Schroder takes a look at how DNS works on the server side in the second article of her two-part tutorial on DNS fundamentals.

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