Articles by Carla Schroder 

Scripting Clinic: Slice and Dice Text with Perl

Perl's been called the 'Swiss Army chainsaw' of scripting languages, but in this installment of the Scripting Clinic you'll learn how to use it like a scalpel for your most demanding (and disorganized) files.

Get More Out of Your Pipe with Apache and mod_gzip

It's never bad to give your users a faster site. With mod_gzip and Apache, you can compress Web traffic on the fly, reducing file sizes (and download times) up to 80 percent.

NFS/NIS: Lessen Your Legacy Network Security Liabilities

You may be an old-school holdout, or you may have inherited a network with NFS/NIS driving some of the file-sharing load. Either way, here's how you can button down these venerable threats to network security.

Squid Puts the Squeeze on Net Wrongdoers

Between online deathmatches, hearts tournaments, and sports bookies, your network might be looking more like a playground than a place to get work done. Here's how to use Squid to button down the traffic and make sure your more slippery users don't slide out of its grasp.

Simple Configuration Tips Put Squid on the Menu

If you need to get a handle on your bandwidth with Web caching, but several thousand lines of configuration files make you queasy, here's a step-by-step guide to making Squid more appetizing.

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