Articles by Carla Schroder 

Mind Your Packets with Ethereal

Its name might be 'ethereal,' but you'll find this tool a solid performer when it comes to monitoring network traffic. It'll probably teach you a little about TCP/IP along the way, too.

Windows Services for Unix: There's No Place Like /home

Though far from perfect, Windows Services for Unix makes it a little easier to intermingle platforms. Bring your Unix chops, though, unless you want to point and click your way to an insecure mess.

In a DNS bind? Get Out With dnsmasq

If the intricacies of bind are too much to navigate and all you really need is lightweight DNS services for your LAN, dnsmasq might fit the bill: Configure it with /etc/hosts, use it for easy DHCP services, and put the kibosh on the likes of Sitefinder's DNS-breaking marketing scheme.

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