Articles by Carla Schroder 

Replace Your NT4 PDC with Samba 3 and Linux

Linux/Windows Interoperability: ENP tries to provide a strong focus on interoperability. With this two-part series on pressing the latest edition of Samba into service as a primary domain controller, we show you how to integrate Linux with your Windows clients, and save some money in the bargain.

Build Your Own IM Server with Jabber

More enterprise users are discovering instant messaging every day. With Jabber, you can build your own private IM server for the cost of hardware. Here's how with Linux.

Replace Your NT4 Domain Controller with Samba 3 (Part 2)

Linux/Windows Interoperability: The last time we visited this topic, we explained why you might want to lose that aging Windows NT server. This week, we offer a hands-on look at how to perform the migration.

Replace Your NT4 Domain Controller with Samba 3

Linux/Windows Interoperability: With all but paid support offerings for Windows NT4 gone, it's definitely time to consider migrating to another platform. Here's how Samba 3 can step in to the gap NT4 is leaving by taking over PDC responsibilities.

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