Articles by Carla Schroder 

Lock Down Desktops with KDE Kiosk

With KDE Kiosk you have a tool for fine-grained control of organizational desktops for power users and public terminals alike.

2005: Were the Grownups in Charge?

From rootkit debacles to the rise of a Linux distribution surrounded by people you wouldn't mind talking to -- 2005 was a year to remember.

Build the Perfect Desktop With KDE

Looking for a good Linux desktop for users and admins alike? Here's one that's easy for users but never dumbed down for experts.

Groovy Gadgets For Network Gurus

Stuff your favorite networking nerd's stocking with these tech treats.

DIY Telephony With Asterisk, Part 3

Learn about configuring some of Asterisk's features, including hold music and conferencing.

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