Articles by Carla Schroder 

OpenNMS: Gold-Medal Network Monitoring

There are lots of network monitoring apps, from cheap and easy to expensive and complex. OpenNMS strikes a good balance, and it's Free Software.

VoIPowering Your Office: Cool Tools for SipX

VoIP servers need configuration and maintenance. SipX provides the tools you need—your choice of command line or browser interface.

Public Wi-Fi: Share, but Wisely

Rather than hoarding all your wireless bandwidth, you might want to share it, or at least provide an enticing sandbox for passers by.

Cheatsheet: Master Linux Package Management

Getting around Linux package managers is key to running a well-tuned machine. Here are tips on several of the most popular.

VoIPowering Your Office: Connect SipX to Analog Phone Lines

. . . plus tweaking dialplans, setting up prompts and voicemail accounts—generally attending to those myriad phone-system details.

"Open Source Means You Have to Be Better."

Opinion: We're far into the Open Source revolution, but the question persists: How do you make money on software you don't pay for up front? Start with how you treat your customers.

VoIPwering Your Office: SipX and IP Phones

This PBX works with a number of softphones. We'll walk through setup of the Linux-based KPhone and two cross-platform models from CounterPath.

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