Articles by Carla Schroder 

Boost Reliability with Ethernet Bonding and Linux

Best of ENP: The Linux kernel comes with what you need to do Ethernet bonding. It takes a few steps to implement, but the payoff comes in the form of boosted bandwidth and improved reliability.

VoIPowering Your Office: trixbox Pro Reviewed

Installation and basic configuration of this slick, free (for the Standard Edition) VoIP package are quick and easy.

What's So Precious About Bad Software?

Opinion: Considering some of the stinkers the software industry has produced, maybe the real advantage of closed-source software lies in how it hides developer shame.

VoIPowering Your Office: Encrypting VoIP Calls (Part 2)

No 'perfect' methodology for strong VoIP encryption yet exists, but there are at least a couple of pretty good options.

It's Early Days for 802.11n and Linux

The Linux kernel's wireless networking has received a welcome overhaul, but 802.11n drivers are still in their early stages.

Use Networked Printers and Scanners with HPLIP

HPLIP makes it a breeze to use networked printers and scanners with Linux.

VoIPowering Your Office: Fonality Promotes trixbox to the Pro Ranks

Following in the footsteps of its cousin, PBXtra, the new trixbox version adopts the hybrid server model.

Give Your Networked HP Printers HPLIP

HP's Linux Imaging and Printing subsystem brings printing parity to the penguin where previous printer purveyors have punted.

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