Articles by Carla Schroder 

Spy on the Spyware with tcpdump

Best of ENP: With tcpdump, you can watch everything that traverses your network and draw a bead on spyware-infested malefactors. Our followup on last week's look at this versatile tool explains how to pass the information it provides you to other tools for further analysis.

Linux RAID Smackdown: Crush RAID 5 with RAID 10

The readers have spoken, and though it cost our intrepid Linux expert her weekend, our series on building a Linux RAID server moves into the experimental territory of RAID 10.

VoIPowering Your Office: PBX in a Flash Piles on the User-Friendliness

An already-very-good thing has just become notably better.

Build Your Own RAID Storage Server with Linux

The potent combination of Linux RAID, SATA and LVM can provide you with a powerful and inexpensive storage server. (First of two parts)

VoIPowering Your Office: Faxing With Zoiper; Digium Goes Insane

Fax fans can now transmit via IP using this convenient softphone. As to Digium, well, you'll just have to read on.

Do More With Less: 802.1Q VLANs with Voyage Linux

Virtual LANs make network management and configuration simpler. Learn how to configure an 802.1Q VLAN using inexpensive switches and a Linux-based router.

VoIPowering Your Office: Waiting For Videophones

Video telephony—an application we've been anticipating for decades—is now available for free over IP connections.

FreeRADIUS and Linux for Your WLAN

Best of ENP: Part Two—RADIUS and Linux can be a potent combination for WLAN security. Here's how to get it configured.

Do More With Less: 802.1Q Tagged VLANs

If you want VLANs that span multiple switches you need to master IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLANs. Learn how on Linux.

VoIPowering Your Office: Vishing, Hijacking, Bots, and Other Entertainments

SPIT, recently discussed here, is far from being the only potential threat to VoIP systems. Here's an extended guide.

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