Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Shell Game: Trade in tcsh for zsh

If you still live on the command line and you're still using trusty old tcsh, maybe it's time to step up to the powerful zsh.

Secure Your Unix Infrastructure (Part 2)

Break down your network by server type and follow this guide to batten down the hatches.

Secure Your Unix Infrastructure (Part 1)

If Unix is anywhere in your shop, the chances are good it's handling critical infrastructure. Start learning to secure it here.

Purchasing Time: Does the Vendor Really Matter?

Opinion: There's a lot of hardware to choose from out there. How much does the vendor matter when it comes time to make that choice?

Servers Dance on a String With Puppet

If you've outgrown cfengine, or worse, rsync and a handful of homemade scripts, take a look at Puppet: a powerful configuration management tool that can help you simplify needlessly complex tasks.

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