Articles by Charlie Schluting 

IT Staff: Win Friends and Influence Suits

If you're an in-the-trenches techie, you know it's not always easy to talk to the boss. But if you look beyond the pointy hair and take a cue from Dale Carnegie, you might come out ahead.

The Nerd Whisperer: Learn to Manage IT Staff

The suit/geek communications gap is storied in enterprise IT. It doesn't have to be that way.

ITIL: Listen to Your Admins

ITIL is a widely misunderstood standard. Here's why admins should care about it, and what managers need to know before making them implement it.

Shell Game: Trading in csh for zsh (Part 2)

Old shell habits die hard, especially for proficient scripters. Our reviewer left the comfort of csh for a foray into zsh and decided it's not just a nice place to visit.

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