Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Sun's Game: Friends Close, Microsoft Closer

Opinion: Has Sun never heard the old aphorism about using a long spoon to sup with the devil?

The Botnet Ecosystem: Compromised Servers

Botnets propagate in all manner of ways. Servers compromised by way of insecure applications or poor security practices provide one way malicious people can push client-compromising exploits.

The Botnet Ecosystem: Do Botnets Need Windows?

Though Windows exploits are a common enough vector for botnet attacks, not all blame can be placed at Microsoft's feet. The botnet ecosystem claims victims on many platforms.

Zenoss: Tame Report Noise (and Lose Nagios?)

You can replace Nagios with Zenoss, but there are a few quirks to deal with and a lot of reporting noise to tone down.

The Botnet Ecosystem: What's a Botnet?

Part One: Botnets are a lot smarter than the smash-n-burn malware of years past. With this new series you'll learn about what they are, how they've evolved, and why they thrive.

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