Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Splunk 3.1: A Log-Monitoring Gem Shines Brighter

Splunk has been gathering accolades for as long as it has been around. The latest version adds even more polish. Learn what's new, and how to work with some of the limitations the non-enterprise version introduces.

Open Source Support: When Should You Go Commercial?

The user communities surrounding open source and free software provide wonderful resources, but sometimes you just need a patch. Right now. That's where commercial support for open source software steps in.

Tux Untangled: A Gateway Distro That's Easy to Use

The Untangle Gateway puts Linux to work providing a number of services, including a spam filter, firewall and VPN. While the underlying software is impressive, Untangle's real value is in its ease of installation and configuration.

The Botnet Ecosystem: What's the Point?

Botnets fuel their growth with a number of techniques to infect clients and servers, but they aren't growing for nothing: Extortion and greed drive their spread.

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