Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Learn Best Practices for Web Server Security

Part 1: You want to provide security without compromise, but your organization doesn't work that way. Minding permissions and keeping PHP on a short leash are two ways to increase your peace of mind.

Ease Disaster Recovery With SAN Booting

Booting disk images from a SAN in combination with server virtualization can do a lot to ease disaster recovery.

How Does OpenDNS' New Competition Stack Up?

OpenDNS has welcomed a new challenger in the form of NeuStar's DNS Advantage. How does the newcomer stack up when it comes to optimizing DNS, providing security from phishing and delivering management extras?

DNSSEC: Still Just Out of Reach?

Opinion: Three years ago we wondered if DNSSEC was ready for mass consumption. At the time we decided it wasn't. Three years later? Maybe it's fine for internal use, but it's still not setting the world on fire.

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