Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Back to Basics With Unix: What's in a System?

Unix has a sprawling family tree, but if you can trace a variant back to one of two common ancestors, you're on your way to mastering it.

Keep Crackers Out of the Box with Samhain

Best of ENP: Intrusion detection systems are a must-have. Here's how to install and configure the best-of-breed open source alternative.

Back to Basics With Unix Filesystems

The directory layout of the average Linux or Unix system can be the source of a lot of puzzlement, as can the age-old question, 'one partition or many?' We can help you understand one, and figure out how to answer the other for yourself.

Yes Virginia, There is a Cracker in Your Box

Best of ENP: With Samhain, your enterprise-grade IDS tasks will involve a few less tricks and a lot more treats.

Back to Basics With Unix Permissions

The proliferation of Web-based applications and enduring popularity of Unix make it more important than ever to understand how Unix permissions work. Read up on how to tell your umask from your sticky bit.

Web Security: Rein In Dangerous Web Apps

With tools like goolag out there looking for vulnerable Web apps, it's more important than ever to consider centralized deployment of popular potential security liabilities.

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