Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Unix Administration: Learn D, the DTrace Scripting Language

Sun's DTrace provides powerful system visibility tools for Solaris, Mac OS X and BSD users, but the scripts that come out of the box only scratch the surface. Mastering D, the DTrace scripting language, unlocks its full potential.

Lay Your Unix System Bare With DTrace

Part 1: With tens of thousands of probes into the most remote corners of your system, there's not much DTrace can't tell you about what's going on under the hood.

Understand Linux Virtual Memory Management

Virtual memory goes well beyond swap, touching everything from file caching to some network functions. Learn how it all goes together with the Linux virtual memory manager as your example.

Back to Basics With Unix: System Visibility

Frustrated admins say Unix isn't always the most talkative when it comes to gathering performance information. With a few handy utilities you'll find on almost any machine, though, you can learn a lot.

Back to Basics With Unix: Stranger In a Strange Variant

Unix may just be Unix, but when an admin sets up shop in a strange, new system it soon becomes apparent that "Unix" means many things to many people.

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