Articles by Charlie Schluting 

VM Architecture: Ensure High Availability

Red Hat and VMWare provide the tools you need to provide high availability virtual environments. Which one is the better choice?

Networking 101: Understanding Subnets and CIDR

Calculating subnets can be tricky work. This installment of Networking 101 offers some tips and a few practice exercises to get you started.

Practical VM Architecture: How Do You Scale?

Up or out? To get the most out of virtualized services you have to think about how you're going to scale as they grow ... and whether some services should be virtualized at all.

Tips for Your Users: Passwords You Can Live With

You want your users to have strong, tough-to-crack passwords. They want passwords they can memorize. By tossing out a few security chestnuts and encouraging responsible memory aids, everyone wins.

Improve Security With Account Aging

Unused and forgotten accounts represent a security threat if a malicious hacker with the right toolkit finds them before you do. Paying attention to account aging will give you an edge.

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