Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Cisco Flex Links: Time to Retire Spanning Tree?

With Flex Links, you get simple, reliable, and scalable layer 2 redundancy. Unlike Spanning Tree, Flex Links pairs don't "just work." Here's how to configure your network for them.

Troubleshoot Your Network With Cisco SPAN Ports

The Cisco Switch Port Analyzer, or SPAN, enables advanced network troubleshooting and robust monitoring, but it's tricky to get right. Let us show you how.

Shopping for Servers: A Networker's Checklist

Dropping a server into your network takes more than a few minutes with a marketing brochure, and more insight than "just max out the RAM." Here are seven factors to consider when you're shopping for a new box.

Storage Virtualization for Network Administrators

Virtualization will change the way your storage is managed, freeing you from costly, time-consuming data migrations and unrealistic customer expectations, but

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