Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Network Security: Five Lists You Need to Read

Nobody said staying up to speed on security issues was going to be easy. Here's our list of five resources that help cut through the noise and keep you ahead of the latest threats.

Built-in Security with Cisco Intrusion Prevention

With the intrusion prevention features found in the latest IOS releases, Cisco makes good on the "self-defending" part of its security strategy.

Cisco AutoQoS: VoIP QoS for Mere Mortals

Optimizing VoIP traffic traditionally requires a deep understanding of your network, but with Cisco's AutoQoS and some interfaces, happier VoIP is only three steps away.

IOS Transparent Firewalling Simplifies Your Network

Adding a firewall can mean adding complexity to your network and disrupting operations. Cisco IOS's Transparent Firewalling feature removes some of the hassle.

Cacti: SNMP Monitoring Without All the Prickles

SNMP monitoring, painless RRD graphs and a pleasant interface? And it's open source? Cacti should have you at "hello."

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