Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Keep It Real When You Go Green

With sustainable computing looming large in the sales pitch for new technologies, you've got to learn how to balance your goals against realistic choices.

Forget the Digital Divide

Opinion: If there's a digital divide, why's outsourcing to developing countries such a big deal for US workers? Not if they focus on the parts of IT that can't be shipped overseas.

Use DRBD to Provide Rock-Solid MySQL Redundancy

Learn how to create an HA MySQL deployment with DRBD and Heartbeat.

High Availability for MySQL: Considering the Options

Providing redundancy to your MySQL setup can be a confusing challenge. Here are three key approaches to the problem.

Thumping on Thumpers: Sun's Missing the Boat

Opinion: Sun's Thumper and Thor provide outstanding performance and value, but if the company thinks it's going to pick off NetApp customers, it needs to provide some polish.

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