Articles by Charlie Schluting 

The Open Source Open Source Conference

Portland, OR open source advocates took the loss of OSCON in stride: They launched their own open source conference. How did it stack up against the heavyweight, top-down competition?

Configure Cisco Switches for Easy Server Deployments

Both dynamic VLANs and 802.1q auto-negotiation can enable a hands-off approach to server changes, but there are design and security tradeoffs. Are they worth the convenience?

Simplify Server Deployments With VLANs

By mastering the VLAN capabilities You can cut the use of costly switch ports and ease the deployment of new servers on your network.

vpnc Connects Linux and Cisco VPNs

Linux users have a notoriously hard time with Cisco's VPN client. With vpnc, a little effort up front yields easy connections via GNOME NetworkManager or the command line.

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