Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Splunk 4 Moves IT Search Forward

With a new release, the open source IT search tool adds an API and welcomes Windows systems into the fold.

Five Ways to Save Money on IT Software

You can't always throw out your proprietary stuff and go live in the land of free software, but if your Windows admins aren't looking over their shoulders, maybe it's time for them to start.

Five Places You Can Slash IT Spending

You can provide enterprise-grade services for much less money by leveraging changes in the hardware market, using open source software and considering when it's best to just let someone else handle the details.

Get to Know Clustered File Systems

Clustered and highly available file systems are plentiful, but each brings its share of tradeoffs and workarounds to the table. Learn about some top choices along with the benefits and pitfalls they entail.

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