Articles by Charlie Schluting 

VMWare or Xen? Depends on Your Fluency in Linux

Both VMWare and Xen offer enterprise-ready virtualization, but in very different packages. The one you choose should depend on how well your IT staff can handle the power and flexibility of Linux.

Backup Strategy: Which is Better, Tape or Disk?

Huge cabinet-size tape libraries, with robots feeding fibre channel-attached tape drives, arranged in a row so that tapes can be passed between cabinets, manually removing tapes for off-site transport? This cannot be the pinnacle of backup technology.

Stand Out to Employers in a Downturn

Whether you're out of work, feeling trapped in your current position or looking for new opportunities in IT, it's time to look at ways to be more competitive in a crowded market.

Are SANs Still Relevant?

Vendors won't admit it, and SAN proponents within your IT department will want to justify past purchases, but maybe it's time to kick your expensive, inefficient SAN to the curb.

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