Articles by Charlie Schluting 

RiverMuse Brings Your Legacy NMS Into the Present

With a distinguished pedigree and an open source foundation, RiverMuse is looking to bring your legacy NMS into the 21st century with advanced reporting and sophisticated alerts.

Improve Your Unix Logging with Advanced I/O Redirection

Keeping good logs on a Unix or Linux system can be a challenge, but with a little work up front you can make sure error messages make it to the people who need to see them and get vital troubleshooting information into a permanent log.

Quick and Dirty Backups with rsync

It's not always the best tool for the job, but if you need to get a backup into the cloud quickly and easily, rsync might do the trick. Charlie Schluting steps you through how to build a script to do just that.

Move Your E-Mail Hosting to the Cloud

Moving from self-hosted to cloud-hosted e-mail services makes a lot of people nervous, but with a little planning and good communication with your user base, there's no reason it has to be hard.

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