Articles by Charlie Schluting 

Sorting Out the Debate Over Cloud Computing

With so many notions about what cloud computing even is, it's hard to cut through the hype. Charlie Schluting defines some terms and considers the arguments.

Rough Guide to Interop Las Vegas

Considering a last-minute run to Interop Las Vegas? Our quick guide to the conference tells you where to drop in and where to dip out.

Does Virtualization Increase IT Management Costs?

Going virtual isn't going to make your life easier overnight; but even if it does introduce its own challenges, the benefits outweigh the outweigh the learning curve and shift in admin focus.

Business Has Killed IT With Overspecialization

Remember the old school sysadmins who knew where everything was and how it worked? Where are they now? And why, with the proliferation of teams, is it harder than ever to get IT personnel to work together?

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