Articles by Troy Thompson 

Cleaning up Exchange after a virus attack

Find out how to clean up your Microsoft Exchanges Internet Mail Service after it has been infected with a virus.

Security update for Microsoft Outlook

Microsofts Security Update for Outlook protects e-mail clients by limiting the accessibility of attached files and preventing other programs from accessing your address book or sending e-mail on your behalf.

Use Exmerge to remove messages and attachments from your Exchange Server

Microsofts Exmerge.exe utility is invaluable when your Exchange Server has been attacked by a virus (like Melissa or the Love Bug) and there are thousands of unwanted e-mail messages in your system that need to be removed quickly.

Using Isscan to scan Exchange Server for viruses

The worst happened: an e-mail virus has hit your network. Isscan.exe will help you remove infected attachments from your Exchange Server databases while you wait for the updated signature files from your antivirus vendor.

Cleaning mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange

Get rid of the mail but keep the mailbox--all without logging on to the account.

Using the Exchange Administrator Directory Export/Import Utility

The Exchange Administrator Directory Export/Import Utility can be an invaluable tool to help manage and secure your Exchange data--especially when automated.

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