Articles by Brien M. Posey 

Repairing Windows 2000 through the Recovery Console

Repairing Windows NT after a system crash can be a real pain. However, Windows 2000 provides a built-in Recovery Console utility that greatly simplifies the recovery process.

Active Directory: Allowing or Denying Access

Active Directory stores a myriad of information about your system and its users. You may want to limit--or allow--access to some of this important data.

Keeping an eye on Windows 98 share points

If users are using Windows 98's file-sharing features, the NetWatcher utility can help them track who's accessing what files when.

Backing up and restoring Active Directory

Backing up security information is a much more significant endeavor in Windows 2000 than in Windows NT. Before you begin, you have some important decisions to make.

Service accounts: A major security hole

Service accounts can be a significant network security weakness; be sure you know how to protect yourself.

When Windows 2000 won't boot

A server crash is always a nightmare. Follow these techniques to track down the source of the problem and get back online as soon as possible.

Taking a closer look at the Windows NT emergency repair disk

You probably have an emergency repair disk--but have you updated it recently? And do you know what's on it, in case a real emergency strikes?

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