Articles by Brien M. Posey 

Setting Up Files and Web Sites for Offline Access

Preparing network files and Web sites so they're easily accessible by mobile users.

Tools You Can Use to Maintain Active Directory's Health

Part 3 of our series on various tools you can use to maintain Active Directory's health in Windows 2000.

Using the Replication Monitor

Part 2 in our series on Keeping Active Directory Healthy: Windows 2000s Replication Monitor, replication topology, and the Replication Diagnostic Tool.

Manual Caching and Automatic Caching for Programs

Part 2 in our series on Working Offline in Windows 2000: the pros and cons of automatic and manual caching for programs.

Installing and Using Active Directory Support Tools

Part 1 in the series on Keeping Active Directory Healthy: installing and using the Active Directory Administration Tool and Active Directory Replication Monitor.

Preparing to Make Resources Available Offline

Part 1 of the series, Working Offline in Windows 2000: How to use caching to make network resources such as files, folders and even entire Web sites available to mobile users offline.

Adding Attributes to a Class

Working with classes can be trickier than you think, so learn how to add custom attributes to a structural class.

Installing Tools to Modify the Schema

Maximize the search capabilities of Active Directory by adding custom attributes. But beware: tampering with the Active Directory schema can be dangerous.

Using a Tool to Modify the Active Directory Schema

Part 2 of the series on Adding Custom Active Directory Attributes: how to add the tool to the MMC and modify the schema.

Establishing Roaming and Mandatory Profiles

Profiles make life easier for both users and administrators. Part 2 of our series on Creating User Profiles demonstrates how to create roaming and mandatory profiles.

Monitoring Secured Communications through IPSECMON

If your data is important enough to warrant enabling security and encryption protocols in the first place, wouldnt you at least like to know if IPSec doing its job?

User Profile Basics

How to set up Windows 2000 user profiles in a way that will make your users lives easier, as well as helping you to increase security.

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