Articles by Brien M. Posey 

Image Color Matching in Windows 2000

How can you be sure the mosaic of color images on your Web site looks the same on every monitor? Windows 2000's ICM will track and fix any color irregularities.

Windows 2000 Power Management, Behind the Scenes

The Power Options applet lets you ride herd on plenty of power-related options. But how does it work?

Using the Security Descriptor Check Utility and NLTEST

Keeping Active Directory running smoothly is easy, thanks to the tools available to help you perform basic maintenance.

Internet Printing in Windows 2000

Maybe you've heard about Internet printing, and wondered why you'd need to use such a feature when you've got e-mail and fax capabilities. Brien Posey didn't think he'd use it, either--until a trial run at COMDEX showed him how handy it could be

Working with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Windows 2000 includes a DirectX Diagnostic Tool that will help you diagnose and repair the problem when things go wrong with DirectX.

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