Articles by Brien M. Posey 

Connecting a Client to a RIS Server with a RIS Boot Disk

It's easy to connect clients to a Remote Installation Services server--if you can find the directions anywhere. Here's a quick and easy way to make the client connection.

Opening Separate Program Windows with the Start Command

Windows 2000's Start command opens new windows for programs to run in. Among other things, this handy command will let you get around Windows 2000's insistence on running all 16-bit applications in a single memory space, at a set priority.

The Microsoft Web Outage: What Went Wrong?

Microsoft's Web site was pounded recently--and in the blinding glare of hindsight, the factors that made the attacks possible were easy to spot.

Running 16-Bit Applications as a Separate Process

Your legacy 16-bit applications will run much more slowly than 32-bit apps on Windows 2000, because of the translation process. Here's how to speed them up.

Using Ghost to Quickly Recover a Server

After you spend days restructuring a network or preparing to bring new systems online, you don't want to have to repeat your work due to a devastating crash. You need the best possible safeguard to back up your system and restore it, if need be.

Auditing Active Directory and Reviewing Audit Logs

Auditing is a vital component of network security. You should edit a number of Active Directory events--and be sure to read the audit logs on a daily basis.

Repairing the Master Boot Record

Viruses and programs gone haywire can damage one of the most important components of your hard drive: The Master Boot Record. Brien Posey explains how the damage can occur, and how you can fix it.

Working with the UDF File System

Windows 2000 supports the Universal Disk Format, which goes beyond the capabilities of FAT, NTFS, and other file systems you may be more familiar with.

Working with the Font Properties Extension Utility

Even if you're very careful to meet the licensing requirements for your software, you may be bootlegging fonts without knowing it. Fortunately, Windows 2000 provides a utility that shows you all the licensing information for each font on your system.

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