Articles by Brien M. Posey 

VPN Configurations To Avoid Under Windows

Setting up a Virtual Private Network can be the path to security ruin, if you're not careful about how you establish some of your Windows settings. We show you what to avoid, and why.

Adjusting Windows 2000 Server Priorities, Part 3

This week we take a look at Win2K support tool, Process Viewer. We show you how to establish how much processor time each process takes up, and how to change their priority or even kill the process. Third in a series.

Troubleshooting Win2K and NetWare Interoperability

Getting networks to play well together isn't always as easy as it should be -- especially when you may have inherited one as the result of a merger.  Written from the perspective of a Windows networking manager, we take a look at how to get Novell and Microsoft networks to co-exist and provide transparent services for users.

Adjusting Windows 2000 Server Priorities, Part 2

In Part 2 of our series on how to prioritize Windows 2000's services, we look at some of the problems such tweaking can cause, and how to avoid them.

Adjusting Windows 2000 Server Priorities, Part 1

Windows 2000 can be told how to adjust the priorities for multitasking purposes, such as user requests vs. background services. This can be a powerful tool for speeding up your server, but can also turn heavily against you if not handled correctly. In this series, MCSE Brien M. Posey tells you how to tweak these priorities, identifies the issues, and shows how to handle them.

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