Articles by Jim Freund 

Could NAS = Novell As Storage?

The premise behind Novell's NetDevice NAS is that with one CD, you can take pretty much any computer already existing on your network and turn it into a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) device in 20 minutes. Using NetWare, Novell Directory Services, and Web browser management, Novell has provided a solution for creating what was sold as a hardware appliance with no need for expertise. Learn more in this review...

Nasty New Year Virus

Another New Year's, another virus. (For that matter, another week, another virus.) In the past reports of a Happy New Year virus have turned out to be hoaxes. Not this time, however. A new worm most commonly called Reeezak is trying to foul up your security resolutions, and it comes in several forms. Read about how to identify the malicious program, what it does, and how to eradicate it manually here.

Two New Malicious E-Mails: One Stings, the Other Doesn't

Once again, two virus-related e-mails are making the rounds. The good news is that neither one is particularly harmful. The bad news is that each may well slip through virus protection schemes that haven't been recently updated. Read about the new virus Gokar, and the re-emergence of the SULFNBK.EXE hoax here.

KVM Switching Steps Back to Move Ahead

The simple concept of sharing keyboards, monitors, and mice with multiple CPUs has evolved into the smart way to control server farms. One vendor stays ahead of the group with new products and concepts...

Virus Update(r)

There's yet another mass-mailer on the loose called Updater -- It seems as if we need to cover the Virus of the Day. This latest malicious offering uses Visual Basic to worm its way into your network. Read on to learn about Updater's aliases, appearance, payload, and how to remove it.

Going, Going, Goner

The latest viral threat can use ICQ and mIRC to propagate itself, and can delete some security software from your systems. Read on to learn all of Goner's methods of attack, its payload, and how to remove it if you've been infected.

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